Rhei is a prototype of an electro-mechanical clock with a liquid display, and the result of a one-year long passion project, created by Damjan Stanković, executed in collaboration with Marko Pavlović and many other wonderful people.

Rhei is still just a prototype but we are working hard to get it ready for production

Thank you

Never before has a liquid substance been unveiled in its pure, unrefined form and controlled in a manner which allows it to display tangible shapes. There is a middle ground between the analog and the digital sphere, where the rules of mechanics and the laws of nature come together in order to create a liquid illusion reminiscent of a contemporary, digital form.

Time as a concept is highly subjective, but there are two things we can claim about it with certainty: time is unrelenting transience and continuous movement. It is precisely this endless rhythmic flow that Rhei captures, and just as every moment differs from the other, the movement of its digits is differently animated each time, never permitting it to exibit the same shape twice.

What is expected to be its primary function tends to remain in the shadows of its much more invaluable role: Rhei is a dynamic installation, an animated sculpture, an idea expressed in the form of a minimalistic, digital clock.

Time flows. Literally.

  • David Lerman
  • Corine Barbazanges
  • Zvonimir Tomas
  • Sava Marinković
ID Consulting
  • Denis Bostandžić
  • Rade Kosanović
  • Miloš Brkić
Production Consulting
  • Janko Milunović
  • Dragan Bajčić
  • Aleksandar Gvozden
  • Toni Biočić
Mechanics consulting
  • Ivan Međedović
  • Miloš Brkić
  • Saša Nedeljković
  • Nikola Jovičić
CNC Machining
  • Branko Sulem
  • Nikola Momčilović
  • Miša Maksimović
  • Marko Momčilović
Laser Machining
  • Slaviša Vasiljević
  • Zoran Pešic
  • Vladimir Gavrilović
Lathe Machining
  • Milan Jerić
  • Radosav Milovanović
Other Machining
  • Dijamant Inženjering
  • Bratel Kron
  • Dragan Ristić
  • Limar d.o.o.
Chemistry consulting
  • Aleksandar Đurić
  • Ivan Radovanović
  • Tamara Gavrilović
  • Nevena Damnjanović
Soldering, electronics
  • Slobodan Kilibarda
  • Dušan Gladović
Reddot submission
  • Jovana Ilić
  • Milos Domuz
  • Jorge Selva, Valerija Spasojević,
  • Lazar Kovačić, Peđa Rusić,
  • Miona Stefanović, Ana Dobrota,
  • Milos Macura, Dragan Mijailović,
  • Ivica Koren, Kosta Andrić

Loved and supported by the very best

  • Vojislav Stanković
  • Dragana Milojković
  • Mašan Stanković
  • Strahinja Jeličić
  • Nikola Ilić
  • Nikola Bakiš
  • Ivan Isaković
  • Srdjan Jovanović
  • Simonovi
  • Aleksandar Vratonjić
  • Igor Babović
  • Dušan Dašić
  • Marko Radosavljević
  • Nikola Ristić
  • Tijana Bulatović
  • Vukašin Stojkov
  • Nikola Popović
  • Ina Rančić
  • Biljana Ranković
  • Mina Mišković
  • Milan Dragić
  • Olga Lazarević
  • Nemanja Nenadić
  • Milan Stević
  • Nenad Vilimanović
  • Ivan Ćosić
  • Vladimir Aleksić
  • Nebojša Radović
  • Tereza Cenić
  • Nikola Arežina
  • Miloš Gavrilović
  • Marko Stamatović
  • Enisa Bravo
  • Ivan Rusić
  • Ivan Minić
  • Lazar Stojković

Video recorded and produced by the amazing duo

Đorđe Stojiljković & Nenad Veljović

PR kit Photos by

Stefan Đaković

Website produced by


Time is UP